We have a diverse range of fruits procured from the local farmers/robust network of farmers across
the nation to give you the best taste and high quality.


Basically, banana is a berry loved and consumed by most people around the world. At Green Tropica,
you can find various varieties of bananas


Papaya is actually a fruit of an herb that grows in tropical climates. With a wide range of health
benefits, we can deliver you the best variety at the best price in the market.


Mysterious muskmelon is full of nutrients available usually from July to September. Its juicy flesh will
give you the taste of sugar without consuming too many calories.


Mouth-watering mango never loses its popularity even if it’s a seasonal fruit. A basket full of mangos
is a gesture of friendship and love in India. You can create so many unique Flavors with mango.


We provide the best sweet limes with optimum sweetness. We procure Fresh and high grade
mosambi at competitive price.


In summer watermelon is peak on demand and we promise to deliver Fresh watermelons at your
place directly from the farm.